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We are your premier bed bug exterminator in San Francisco, California! We help residential and commercial property owners resolve bed bug infestation. The sleepless nights you’ve had and the small, red itchy bites in your skin are enough reasons to get your property inspected for bed bug invasion.

Bed bugs are great hitchhikers, and they can attach to almost anything. They can spread infestation in your home or business fast without you noticing! You can keep staying awake all night and let the problem become worse, or you can call us to help you solve your bed bug problem!

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Our Smart Approach Against Bed Bugs

We care for the environment as much as we care for your property. Our ways are proven and tested to be safe for everyone. We understand every property owner’s need for an affordable yet completely dependable approach to killing all bed bugs at once.

We’ll make your life easier and more comfortable each time you lie down on your couch or bed. There’ll be no more bugs to bug your mind each night. Sleep as soundly as you like and as often as you please.

Residential Bed Bug Treatment

Every homeowner’s wish is to keep their families safe and protected against the possible dangers that bed bugs may bring. Residential properties are always on top of our priorities. We never let even a single bug escape from our treatment. We are committed to caring for families and their homes that serve as their haven.

As a reliable Bed Bug Exterminator, we offer state-of-the-art thermal remediation treatment for bed bugs! We strive to provide our pest management professionals with the most up-to-date training and skills! Our bed bug eradication programs are:

Environmentally Friendly
Highly Responsive
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Rest is essential for everyone to stay healthy and strong. Without enough sleep at night, you could be prone to illnesses that might ruin your daily life. Bed bug infestation is one main reason people become restless.

As your trusted bed bug exterminator in Sacramento, California, we aim to help you bring back the natural pattern of your sleep. We want to be your partner in ending your worries and let you enjoy peace of mind again. Call us now to exterminate these tiny bloodsucking creatures on your property. Get a free quote today!

Businesses Facilities Requiring
Bed Bug Extermination

In a hospital where many people, both sick and healthy, visit every day, bed bug invasion is 100% possible. The little creepers can cling to anything that includes clothes and luggage, to get somewhere inside the facility. Hospitals have rooms with a lot of carbon dioxide because patients are recovering from illnesses.

Travelers who have been to more than one place before coming to a hotel room may bring the infestation along. Bed bugs love to travel as well, especially if they can find more hosts without being caught. Hotels are home to restless travelers, and most of them are potential bed bug carriers.

Although the patients in a nursing home are stay-in for a long time, visitors may carry bed bugs when they visit the facility.

Families living in an area where there is more than one group are also vulnerable to bed bug infestation. Each of them can be a carrier of a pest.

Bringing even just one of those pests along with them into the apartment or dormitory can become worse over time. One egg contains up to 250 nymphs that will mature and reproduce as well.

Unless it is summer or Christmas break, schools have a significant population of students who could be future victims of bed bugs.

Students, teachers, personnel, and the parents who enter the area might tag along with a few bed bugs without noticing it. There are more hiding places in a school for bed bugs, making it even harder to exterminate all of them at once.

Whether it’s dine-in or takeout, people who eat in restaurants or fast-food chains are also susceptible to bed bug invasion. Although they remain awake throughout their stay in the area, remember that bed bugs can also feed on people even when they are not sleeping.

The more people are visiting your business, the higher the chance of having bed bugs as guests, too. They’ll love not the scent of freshly cooked food you’re offering but the strong smell of people in your store.

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What Sets Us Apart?

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We are a premier bed bug exterminator in San Francisco, California. We’ll inspect your home or business and let you know the infestation’s condition on your property.



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How Professional Bed Bug Exterminators Can Help

We’ll conduct a physical inspection or assessment of your home to determine the best solution for your property. We’ll confirm the suspicions you’ve been thinking about and end all your worries.

Professional bed bug specialists like us are reliable enough when it comes to bed bug extermination. We’ll educate you on what you should do to prevent and help cure the infestation occurring in your home.


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Our Treatments Are Safe For Your Family And Pets

Our awareness about the use of chemicals for bed bug extermination helped us be more careful in applying our treatments. We’re familiar with the different chemicals that are bad for kids and animals.

Trust that we’ll never include any of those in the choices we will present for you. Bed bug extermination is essential, and we’ll work together for a successful project.


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Bed Bug Health Risks

A lot of more serious problems can occur from just a simple bite of bed bugs. If you find small red dots in a zigzag pattern in your body, that is already a sign of bed bugs lurking in your property.

It is best to call for professional help instead of waiting to see some very severe conditions due to the infestation. Your health is more important than anything else. More severe reactions caused by bed bugs include infection from the scratches that leads to opening a fresh wound.

Then, there’s the allergic reaction from bed bugs that can worsen into a fatal case later on. Sleep deprivation and stress weakens the body as well.

Without enough sleep, a person can be susceptible to worse illnesses such as heart ailments or accidents. Stress can make you frustrated. It may continue for a long-term mental issue such as anxiety if not treated sooner.


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What To Expect After The Extermination

Expectedly, bed bugs will return after a while and will be lurking in your home again. They were born resilient against almost all pesticides. It will be impossible that no pests will be surviving from the treatment, no matter how intense it is.

Exterminating bed bugs is indeed a tedious task that takes a lot of time to complete. Right after applying the physical treatments, close monitoring, and follow up is necessary. Unhatched bed bug eggs are the usual survivors of the treatment.

Soon, new nymphs will exist and appear in the area, which are from the eggs. Our bed bug treatment program is conducted in the next two weeks to apply our conventional chemical treatments.

To help you maintain your mattress free from bed bugs and to allow you to still sleep on it, you may put an encasement.


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Bed Bug Treatment For Your Business

As every business grows more significant and more visitors come, the higher the chance of encountering bed bug invasion. People come and go in your building, and you cannot be sure if they are not carrying any bed bugs along with them.

Your business could not be as successful as you want it to be, especially if you have a bad reputation caused by bed bugs. That’s why it’s essential to work with a premier bed bug exterminator to ensure protection for your business.


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We Process Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Integrated Pest Management is essential to the success of our business. We apply this in all of our operations because we want to keep our methods eco-friendly, practical, and safe for everyone.

Also, by following the process in IPM, we’re able to find the most efficient yet affordable way of pest control. In applying bed bug extermination, the best practice as any other process is to have the residents and occupants of any property collaborate with it.

Hand-in-hand, the operation will flow as expected with the perfect result you’ve desired to get. Even the most expensive and powerful treatment will not work well if not used properly.


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Why Bed Bug Extermination Is Important For A Business

Bed bugs are like bad luck. They bring a negative vibe to any business, no matter how big or small it is. For many years, we’ve seen how bed bug extermination helped businesses to stay clean and safe.

Your employees will be more active and energized to work if they know that their work keeps them protected from anything. On the other hand, your clients will have the same protection.


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Licensed and Insured

We could not have performed well in eliminating bed bugs virtually if not for the training we’ve had. All our operations are legally approved and permitted by the local government. We’re licensed and insured to aid any property owner from their worry about pests.

Bed bugs are hard to eliminate. In finding the most suitable method of exterminating them, we’re licensed to try any chemical and physical treatment.

In case anything goes wrong during the operation, our employees are insured with medical help to cover all their expenses. As much as possible, we use eco-friendly chemicals and materials for all our projects. Rest assured that your safety and security is always our top priority!


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Affordable And Competitive Pricing

Our rates are affordable and competitively priced in the industry. Our main goal is customer satisfaction, which we obtain through excellent bed bug extermination services.

We never ask for more than what we’ll need for our bed bug extermination service. We are competitive, yet we also understand our clients’ need for affordable bed bug extermination as much as possible.

It’s one good reason we are the best choice of property owners for pest control. We’ll create the perfect plan for your home and business at a price within your reach!


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Highest Quality Of Work

We take great pride in our reputation as a leading bed bug exterminator. For many years, we stand behind our work and guarantee zero bed bug invasions on any property. Our work’s quality is as tough and hard to resist as the life of our sneaky bed bugs.

If bed bugs are resilient, our dedication and commitment to our services will double that. We’re more resilient than any bed bug you will see on your property. With our latest tools and equipment, those creepers will have no way out alive.


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Customized Bed Bug Solution

As a premier bed bug exterminator in San Francisco, California, we provide a customized solution to eliminate bed bugs in your home or business efficiently.

We understand that each property is unique. We have a customized bed bug control plan and treatment to meet your home and business needs!


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Protection And Safety Is Our Top Priority

We’ll ensure long-term protection from bed bugs! If you find bed bugs lurking in your home or business or if you have marks on your arm, shoulders, and neck, call the experts immediately for help.

There’s more of them hiding somewhere, and they’re just waiting for the right time for their meal. Kids, adults, and even your furry pets are not safe from these small pests’ hunt for blood.

Wherever there is a strong smell of carbon dioxide, they’ll go. Keep everyone safe by having our professional bed bug exterminators visit your property to resolve your problem.


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Our Service Warranty

If other companies offer 90 days warranty, our service warranty lasts for up to 2 years or 24 months. We want to make sure that your home or business is free from bed bugs before we let go.

We stand behind our work, and we’ll eliminate bed bugs until they’re no longer a nuisance on your property. We offer the best warranty in San Francisco, California.

You’ll have peace of mind for as long as you have a premier bed bug exterminator protecting you from bed bugs existing in your home or business.


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