Bed Bug Facts in San Francisco

Bed Bug Facts

Learn How To Exterminate Bed Bugs Better

Pests are naturally existing in every environment. It is up to you if you will find them on your property or not. No matter if you have a residential or a commercial property, they’ll soon be there to cause an infestation. Knowing what they are and their unique abilities will allow you to prevent them from causing trouble.

As your trusted bed bug exterminator in San Francisco, California, we have discovered the use of heat at a temperature of 120 degrees or higher. It takes only a day and can end the problem for good.

We call this bed bug extermination method thermal remediation. Heat is one weakness this hardy type of pest cannot resist. Both eggs and adult bed bugs are vulnerable to this method, so the area’s total clearing is guaranteed.

These pests can quickly adapt to any environment. From the big cities where the most sophisticated buildings are to the various states in the United States, you can find bed bugs.

They like to stay in homes, restaurants, schools, apartments, dormitories, and anywhere there are humans.

The bed and the mattress you sleep on are their favorite hideouts because these are the closest place to their potential victims. While you sleep is the perfect timing for the little creepers to attacks.

A part of their resilient nature is the ability to stay alive despite a long period of hunger. Within one whole year of starvation, bed bugs can survive, which makes them even more challenging to catch.

They can stay hidden for as long as necessary in the secluded areas in your property that are hard to be reached by just any treatment.

They aren’t the smartest creatures globally, but bed bugs know how to protect themselves from potential dangers and avoid being caught.

Likewise, bed bugs mostly rely on their instincts to find food that comes with the right timing when the host is already profoundly asleep. The scent of vital carbon dioxide is irresistible to bed bugs. They immediately get out of their hiding place.

If you think that the adult bed bugs are already too small for your eyes, wait until you see the eggs they produce. Those bed bug eggs are so hard to notice, especially without the help of any tool or gadget, because they only measure 1 millimeter in length.

Too small, and too many to count as well. One single female bed bug can release up to 250 eggs in its entire existence and then die after 2 to 4 months.

Imagine having more of these female bed bugs living in the secluded areas of your home and business. Have those bed bugs eliminated as soon as possible? Call us and stop the infestation from spreading.

They are small but terrible when you think of their liquid capacity, which is up to 120 gallons or seven times the original weight of an adult male’s body. Bed bugs’ stomach expands to a size you never thought they could.

If you’re looking for bed bug infestation, you should be aware that some bed bugs can be transparent or colorless.

They might even be of the same color as your walls or floor. Nymphs of the newborn bed bugs that are fresh from the eggs appear light and translucent until they get fed with blood.

Bed Bug Facts in San Francisco

Bed Bugs Don’t Fly And Jump

Unlike other insects, bed bugs are not born with wings. They cannot fly or jump to get somewhere else. They can travel to different places because of their hitchhiking skill with people and things such as bags, clothes, and shoes. Wherever their host goes, bed bugs will be there, too.

Bed Bugs Are Hitchhikers

These tiny bloodsucking fellas get to different places through other means instead of flying or jumping. Bed bugs are very well known to take free rides onto people’s luggage as they travel to various locations.

Bed Bugs Do Not Live In Hair Or Skin

Your hair and your skin are like pathways that bed bugs travel to get to a particular part of your body. They may attach to your hair or skin but not to live there for long. The dark, secluded areas in your home are their favorites.

Bed Bugs Can Feed On You While You Are Awake

If you think that you’re safe from bed bugs when you are awake, you might be underestimating these little creatures’ moves when hungry. Once they feel the need to get fed, bed bugs emerge from their harborage to seek food. If there’s a chance that they can get blood from an unconscious victim, bed bugs may feed on your blood while you’re wide awake.

Bed Bugs Can Breed Fast

Rabbits are not the only creatures that can produce multiple offspring each day. Bed bugs mate with a partner after a full meal that lasts for 10 minutes. It is sometimes challenging to perform, but female bed bugs have to do it as often as necessary, then lay one egg. If the female sustains an injury during mating, they stay away for a while.

Bed Bugs Don’t Care If Your House Is Dirty Or Clean

It’s often a wrong notion that dirty places are the common resting place of bed bugs. The truth is, this pest can be anywhere there are humans and some secret spots for hiding. Luxurious places like hotels, restaurants, condominiums, retail stores, and hospitals get affected, too. Clean or dirty, any location is not safe from the infestation of bed bugs that crawl in the night to feed on human blood.
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