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A responsible homeowner and the business owner doesn’t let one single bed bug bother their property. They are smart enough to know that seeking professional help is the best thing to do in bed bug infestation.

Acting fast is what will stop the problem from worsening. Bed bugs spread and hide quicker than you think. If left untreated, they’ll feast on just anyone inside your property. These pests could be a real nightmare to your home and business.

With our highly advanced technology, methods, and tools, we are sure to help you get rid of the infestation as soon as possible.

Our Progress Bed Bug in San Francisco

Our bed bug extermination process always begins with an overall assessment and inspection of your property. We’ll ensure to apply the most appropriate method for extermination.

Your property’s size, location, and intensity of the infestation will guide us in choosing what method to use. That’s why our initial visit is essential. We do it 100% thoroughly and leave no space unchecked, mostly secluded areas that are far from your sight.

They like to stay in mattresses, furniture, clothes, ceiling, curtains, and almost anywhere, but not where they are exposed. Bed bugs have a flat body that allows them to hide in thin crevices or cracks in the walls.

Using a bright flashlight and a magnifying glass, you can see them crawling back and forth in their hideout. As a premier bed bug exterminator, we’ll inspect for marks that look like a dot or spot of nymphs or newborns’ blood and shells

Our initial inspection guides us through making the proper evaluation and diagnosis of the problem. To make you aware of what’s happening to your property, we’ll also inform you and discuss with you what we’ve seen.

We’ll formulate the perfect method of eliminating bed bugs in your home or business. We know all the safe and affordable brands of chemicals in the market. Your home or business will be permanently bug-free once we’re able to finish the process successfully.

After treating the problem permanently, you must learn how to prevent the infestation from recurring. Because traveling is a normal part of a person’s life, staying away from bed bugs seems almost impossible.

Upon arriving at the place of destination, you should know not to mix the used clothes you’ve worn from the trip with those that were already in the laundry. Inspect your luggage immediately before taking it inside your home.

Bringing with you a small flashlight is also recommended for you to use when checking your things during the trip. Cleaning your room regularly through vacuuming can effectively prevent the existence of bed bugs.

Monitoring the current condition of your home or business can be done along with this. When you discover bed bugs within your property, your next move is to have an expert bed bug exterminator to inspect your property.

We follow IPM’s process because it is about the most economical, effective, and nature-friendly methods. IPM is our guide in ensuring that the practices we apply are all safe for our clients and the environment.

Because our enemies are bed bugs, the chemicals and physical treatments that we use are suitable only for it and not anything else. We don’t use toxic and hazardous chemicals because we’re aware that some of our clients have kids and pets at home.

IPM allows us to make the right choice. We stay efficient in what we do while also considering our valued clients’ welfare because of this program.

When you work with us, we’ll be there right away and begin the process to end the infestation. Your safety and satisfaction are guaranteed 100%.

No matter how resilient and hardy bed bugs are, they still got nothing against the heat treatment that our experts have formulated. In the various bed bug operations that we’ve had in the past, using heat as our top tool in making pests go away in an instant had been a breakthrough.

As a premier bed bug exterminator, we highly recommend heat treatment or thermal remediation. Heat treatment will end the infestation permanently in a single application.

Bed bugs are sensitive to heat, and in just a few minutes, they die instantly with a temperature of up to 120 degrees or higher.

They are small but terrible when you think of their liquid capacity, which is up to 120 gallons or seven times the original weight of an adult male’s body. Bed bugs’ stomach expands to a size you never thought they could.

We are more than willing to provide free monitoring of your property so we can ensure that it’s completely clear of bed bugs. Therefore, we’ll document everything and make a note of what our findings were.

This way, we can identify the best step to do next and for future reference. In case the problem recurs for some reason, we’ll know the background of your property and its condition.

As a local bed bug exterminator in San Francisco, California, we are more than willing to revisit properties that we’ve serviced before. Heat treatment may have ended the problem for good, but it still needs a follow-up visit and monitoring.

In the case of using other methods of extermination, you may require re-treatment. We provide free re-application of the treatment as long as our warranty lasts. Your safety and peace of mind are always our top priority!

We are a team of expert bed bug exterminators committed to providing high-quality service for our valued clients. We won’t stop unless we eliminate the bed bugs.

We want to help improve lives by aiding in achieving better sleep and a safer environment. We’ll be here for as long as the bed bug infestation in your home continues.

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